Friday, November 21, 2014

Stay Constant.

By 8:00 am I was out rolling on the fat bike.  I knew the wind was out of the NW but headed west anyway.  I wanted a different route and I like the gravel out that way too.  Looking at the flags on the way out of town the wind wasn't too bad either.  About 1.5 hours later when I turned North the wind had picked up, instantly I knew I was in for some work.  Even though I am out for time and not speed I had to switch my Garmin to map mode as to not obsess with the 9-12 mph I was now going into the wind.  The wind got to me.  I was cursing it out load and not having fun.  I actually made a turn towards home at one point, but a sweet gravel road popped up and I took that.  I think a break from the wind was what I needed.  I was back to "Fonzie" cool after that.  Plus I kept saying my new mantra, given by Kid of Salsa: "Just Stay Constant".

About 4.5 hours in I stopped in Gillman for a rest and refuel.  The gas station didn't have lots of options but calories were found!  It's amazing what 15 minutes can do to revitalize you.  I felt pretty good on the bike after some food and a walk.

I ended up back home with 6.5 hours again, same as last Thursday but totally different route.  I missed out on my time goal of 7-8 hours but I was fine with that.  The energy output into the wind was huge and I felt good and I overcame some strong mental demons.

Now the sloppy weekend warm up.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Not As Planned but Fun...

Well riding Plum Creek was a bust.  The snow was pretty dry and cold when we hit it with snowshoes but I was optimistic about the snow setting up.  Within the first 5 feet yesterday I knew it wasn't good.  I pushed on but really only wrecked the trail.  I eventually bailed and cruised around on the Beaver Island Trails.  My planned 2-2.5 hour ride turned into 1.5 hours.  I figure it was way more fun than the trainer so I was happy.  Plus Harper was at home with Grandma so I got some block building time in too.

Today is an off day from work so out I go for another Thursday of fat biking.  Once again the wind is NW.  I think I may go more west this time and have a different point I come back into the St. Cloud area.  Just to break it up a bit.  Maybe Milaca for lunch?!


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

All Set...I Hope.

Last night 6 of us set out on snowshoes to pack in Plum Creek for biking.  Dan took up the rear dragging a tire.  If it rides like it looks it's going to be so fun!  It's an abbreviated course as the city flooded a section before it snowed and froze.  Doing the section we did took an hour.  Our hope is to possibly make this a regular Tuesday night event.  It's something different and it hopefully keeps the trail ready for fat bikes.  The issue is several people hike it as well, without snowshoes.  Maybe we'll get lucky this year.

I work at noon today so the fat bike and I are going to check out our work and see if it's had time to set up and how it rides.  Tomorrow I'm off and hope to once again put in some solid saddle time.  Bummed the wind is out of the same direction.  May have to switch up the routes some.


Monday, November 17, 2014

A New Week.

Wow...last week was a blur.  Snow, school closing, late starts, crazy skis sales, Team Day at the shop, and two ski swaps made for a busy, fast week.  Not much time was carved out for exercise.  When that happens, for me, I tend to toss my healthy eating out the window as well.  On to a new week today!

Even while I was up at 4:40 (racing mind for the week ahead and recouping from the crazy week at the shop) I opted out of riding the trainer.  It wasn't really on my radar but if I was up why not?  I really want to let my toe heal up.  Tight shoes hurt so more time.  I hope to ski soon too, just haven't attempted putting on a ski boot yet.  My oversized winter riding shoes are pefect.
Gym day today and tomorrow.  I'm hoping to get a group together to snowshoe Plum Creek this Tuesday, maybe around 6:30.
Thursday I'm hoping for another big day on the fat bike.  Saturday, maybe the same, not sure.  Sunday is another ski swap.

Happy Monday.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Got My Ride In.

While I'm officially writing this week off I did get a great ride in yesterday.  Around 8:30 I headed out on my Salsa Ti Mukluk.  At the last minute I decided to put the studded tires on.  So glad I did.  90% of the roads I covered were either ice or compact snow.  Not a slip from me...awesome!

About 20 minutes in I was bumming.  My toe was hurting and the wind (much windier than I thought) was kicking my butt.  I started playing the games of cutting the ride short, etc.  Screw that, it was my time to ride, ride damn it!  I pushed on.
My direction was east, north, and northwest before I turned for home.  I stopped in Buchman for some coffee and a dried out turkey sandwich.

I finished with 6.5 hours (shy of my 7 hour goal, but with stops I was out there all of 7 hours) and 80+ miles, yep slow going.  I felt great.  Just needed to push through the initial 1-2 hour blah time.  The toe today feels ok too.  I had thought about and planned to ride the rollers this morning but shoving my foot in narrow shoes sucks.  I'll wait.

We have a ski swap Saturday and Sunday to attend for work plus our biggest ski event at the shop on Saturday.  Not much more going to happen this week.
On to next week...

Happy Weekend.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Finding My Way Back.

I like routine, I thrive on it, so when a winter storm dumped 12+" of snow on us my routine got turned upside down.  I'm not complaining, I love snow...a lot, but with a snow day on Monday and a late start on Tuesday and the shop uncannily busy for early November my time for exercise has been nil, unless shoveling counts.  (Wow, long sentence).
So Today, my off day at work, I plan on putting some time on the bike.  The studded tires are all set and ready to roll on the fat bike.  I will check out some trails but since it is so early and a lot of the swamps aren't frozen the local clubs won't be grooming yet.
I also hope to get me skis ready, thought I had more time!  Maybe skiing this weekend, if my toe allows.


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

It's Here!

Yesterday, early morning, it started to snow in St. Cloud. Finally stopping with over a foot of snow!
I shoveled the driveway, one of several times, and suited up for a fat bike ride. Already the snow was so deep I had to let out air pressure, down to super squish. 

I made my way over the te North Loop in hopes of getting a loop in before they groomed for skiing. But the snow was so deep going was pretty tough. Plus unclipping and clipping in really aggravated my toe. So it was a short trip but fun nonetheless. 

I thought work would be slow but the Nordic skiers kept us busy 

I think the season is here!