Thursday, December 18, 2014

A Big Day...I Hope.

Despite what Charly Tri says I hope to nab 8 hours on the bike today.  Originally it was 10 but life happened.  After I get Avery to school I'll hop on the bike and head for the Soo Line Trail.  From there time will dictate my route.  I need to be able to pick Harper up a bit past 4:30.  Then it's go, go to ready ourselves with dinner, etc before Brinna's choir concert.
I'm guessing I'll sleep well tonight or toss and turn!


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Let it Begin.

Time for some hours in the saddle.  Just a few today but hoping for 8 or so tomorrow.  All depends how early I can leave cause I need to be back and ready for Brinna's choir concert that evening.  Jen said she could get all 3 kids ready and delivered but seems harsh.  We'll see.

Friday I hope for some more, how much is up in the air.  It's Jen's Birthday so there's that too!  Saturday we are celebrating a Christmas at my folks so guessing that day is out.  I work Sunday but a few hours prior shouldn't be out of the question.

20 hour week?  I'll take what I can get and call it good!

Monday, December 15, 2014

A Good Week of Riding!

As expected I opted to sleep in a bit more on Saturday.  I did eventually get up and ride the rollers for about an hour.  Enough to make me feel like I did something.  Still nursing this dang head cold.

Sunday I hoped to get out early but the thick fog kept pushing back my start time.  With no signs of improvements I headed out into the fog around 9:30.  I had lights and neon galore!  I attempted to ride some gravel but it was more like spring after the frost has come out, super sloppy!  Even with full coverage fenders I and my bike were getting pretty dirty.  But the damage was done so I slogged on anyway.
I ran into Jim and Noah heading out.  I spun around and rode with them some too.  I ended with 4.5 hours of riding.

I ended the week with 14 hours of riding plus gym time.  I'm feeling pretty good on the bike and liking the riding I am getting in.  I hope to up the hours this week.  Our family has a busy week with school performances, work, and general life.  I'll fit it in where I can!


Friday, December 12, 2014

Studded Tires for Everyone.

Wednesday I did get out on the fat bike for a bit over 3 hours.  I attempted a loop I've done frequently in the past: cty road 8 to 16 to Palmer.  At Palmer I jumped on the snowmobile trails.  They were excellent, hard and fast.  At Jack and Jim's the trail usually leaves the parking lot.  There appeared to be some tracks and it was passable so onward I pushed.  Eventually the trail all but disappeared.  Through one field I was force to hike a bike through waist deep brush and weeds.  From there on I stuck to roads.

Yesterday I had Harper for a bit in the morning then was off on the Surly SS Cross Check.  The weather was weird.  I thought It would have been a bit warmer but when I stopped in Maple Lake to refuel my bike and I were covered in a thin sheet of ice.  I made the stop short as to not cool down too much.  I continued south a bit more before turning for home.
A majority of the roads I took were gravel, which were mostly rutted ice.  Super glad I opted to put my studded tire on the front, just wish I would have done the back too.  Having studded tires the past two weeks have been a godsend.  Go get a pair, worth the money.  Both my fat bike and cross bike tires are 3+ years old and running great.

I work today and tomorrow.  Gym this morning and maybe a prework ride tomorrow.  I'm already talking myself out of it.  In the summer getting up early and ready for work and a ride a bit before 6 is no problem, while now that seems like a phenomenal undertaking.  I'm still nursing a head cold so maybe a couple extra hours of sleep will do me good.  TBD.

Happy Weekend.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


After 9 hours of riding, with a head cold, Saturday-Sunday and a solid day at the gym on Monday I took yesterday off, completely.  Sometimes I'll say I had a day off but still go to the gym.  I was in full recovery: hot tea, fluids, food, and the couch!  I am feeling pretty much better from the weekend.  Last night a few guys went fat biking and asked me to tag along.  Man I wanted too but knew it was best to lay low for a day.  Plus I have the rest of my week planned out...sort of.

After I get all three kids squared away today I'm jumping of the fat bike to do some exploring before the heat wave.  I should really ski as our trails are still in great condition but the bike is calling!  Really hoping we don't get rain this weekend, fingers crossed.

Monday, December 08, 2014

Weekend Riding

Oh Monday mornings!  I was awake early just didn't want to pull myself from under the covers. Something about having a snuggling kid next to you.
So now this post is going to be short and with misspelled words. 

Despite coming down with a solid head cold I was able to get some good riding in. 
Saturday we planned on getting our Christmas tree. I took the SS Cross Check and met the family at the tree farm.  I took a meandering route and got 3.5 hours. 
Sunday I was up and out the door by 6:30. This time on the fat bike. As I headed down cty road 8 into the headwind I battled the demons telling me to go home, sleep, baby your cold, etc. But onward I slogged. Did some of the Dirt Bag route. Ended with 5.5 hours.
Today may be a sauna day at the gym sweat the cold out!

Friday, December 05, 2014

Doing the Tuscobia.

I have to laugh.  The day I decide to pull the trigger on the Tuscobia 150 it fills, even though there wasn't a limit.  After I confirmed work would be covered I pursued getting in.  They saved some spots for lolly gaggers like me.  I prefer to think it's because I'm Ben Doom, yeah right!  So I got in!  While I was trying to save time and money there truly is nothing like a race for training, especially of this nature.  So the day I got in, yesterday, I worked till noon.  Did I ride?  Nope...cleaned and did laundry!
We've been so busy with life that the house was taking it's was time.  Besides I really hope to ride a lot this weekend.  Knowing I'm not leaving Jen a house to clean with three girls makes being gone a bit easier...I mean I'm not Matt N.!

Happy Weekend.