Thursday, April 17, 2014


9" of the white stuff unfortunate record for April 16th.  School currently is two hours late and I'm seriously trying to decide if shoveling is worth it or not!
The silver lining to all this is I got a ton of repairs done at work yesterday.  My age (only 38 but damn) and injuries are letting me know this morning that standing and wrenching for 12 hours is not appreciated.  My knee is swollen and my left hand (the one I broke last fall) is weak.  Oh well, more of the same today!

I most likely will shovel, if nothing else it will be my workout for the day!  May hit the gym this afternoon...doubt it...but they do have a sauna!!

The Marty Road Race has been postponed to a later date, TBD.  This frees up my day.  The Mammoth Gravel Ride is going on.  Currently it's on my radar but I'm fickle and will most likely ride around here.  Was hoping to get a long ride in tomorrow, but will assess the conditions in the morning.  Guessing a lot of melting will happen today.

and the day begins...

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

It's All Good.

Still no riding since Friday...all gym time.  I've made the decision to roll with work, family, life, and the weather.  Come May so much more time will be available.  Why stress for a month about sneaking in rides when an entire summer awaits.  By now you know I'm a nut job so making this choice frees my mind from the endless guilt, etc!  So bring on the snow...up to 8" predicted today.

Work continues to be an onslaught of repairs.  Long day yesterday gets repeated with a 12 hour day today.  With the predicted snow I'm hoping we can get caught back up!

I do have Friday through Sunday off with no major obligations.  If it works out I hope to stack on some good rides.  The Marty Road Race goes down on Saturday.  Thought of racing it but most likely will bike out there, help Marshall a corner or two, and bike home.  I'm actually pretty excited for it.  Go Revo Cylcle!


Monday, April 14, 2014

Back to Winter.

There was no riding for me this weekend.  Time was a factor but motivation I guess was lacking too.  Saturday I had off but had a Fitness Expo to work from 11-4.  Picking the stuff up I needed at the shop I saw the chaos that was going on.  I've never seen it this busy before!  This led me to skip a morning ride on Sunday before work.  Instead I was there pounding out repairs a few hours before we opened.  It's amazing how much I was able to get done without interruptions.

I could have ridden Saturday afternoon/evening but I felt like hanging out with the girls.  I got all done up in makeup!  Fun times.  I like not having any races looming over my head.  I don't feel like I "have" to ride at all.  I definitely want to ride but know that will come soon enough.  So I'll be happy with what I get and the gym.  Thought of a full moon night ride either tonight or tomorrow night but high wind and low temps have me second guessing that.  One 70 degree day and I'm soft!

Let's Go Monday.

Thursday, April 10, 2014


Ah group rides...I hate them because they make me hurt, but I love them...because they make me hurt.  The TNR was no different.  13 riders showed up to kick off the Tuesday Ride season.
I struggled on this ride.  I just didn't have the kick I sometimes have.  It's early and we have off days but it was frustrating nonetheless.  It's crazy how fast some guys are right now!  It's going to be a fun season.
We kept is short for the first go around, just over 2 hours.  Perfect.

Yesterday I met a couple guys for a 3 hour ride.  Again we went and checked out the upcoming Mary Road Race course.  The south wind was brutal and really hurt!  But coming back was reward enough.

Planned to meet up again today and ride after work but the predicted high winds have me calling mercy and changed plans.  May be a gym day.  Plus repairs at work are deep so I may be stuck at work as well.



Tuesday, April 08, 2014


Let's do this!
TNR tonight.
5:30 from the shop.  So excited.
NW wind...hmmm, Holdingford Rollers?

I didn't ride yesterday morning do to my crazy Monday Morning Anxiety.  I always fear work after a busy weekend will be chaos.  There were, and still are, a lot of repairs but we took a big chunk out of them yesterday.  My anxiety was for is typical.  Yep, crazy!  I have some office work that needs to get done today but then it's back to the repairs.  It's Spring.

Not only are we starting the Tuesday Night Rides up this week but we are bringing back the Thursday Night Group Ride too!  This will be a more mellow pace and much less bleed from the eyes type ride.  Come check it out.


Monday, April 07, 2014


The good weather has come!  It slowly started Saturday and peaked yesterday.  I worked Saturday and by the amount of repairs that came in everyone is getting ready for the nice week ahead.

Sunday I had off, the family was out of town, and a group ride was planned!  Yes...I'm in.
We met at the shop and made our way to the Mary Road Race (April 19) course and took a lap on it.  It has 3 gravel sections, which all were great.  I was on my Salsa Colassal with Hutchinson 700x28 tubeless tires...awesome, awesome set up.
From here we made our way around Powder Ridge, some more gravel, and back home.  Four hours of sunny skies, smiles, and friends.  Great ride.  Then it was laundry the rest of the day!

Lots of riding on tap for this week.  The TNR (Tuesday Night Rides) will start this Tuesday!  Plus I'm meeting a friend to ride both Wednesday and Thursday.  Thought of trying to sneak in an hour ride this morning but I tend to not have so much fun on rides if I'm pushed for time, etc.  We'll see.

Enjoy the week!

Friday, April 04, 2014

Some Storm.

Really?  Only a few inches of snow?!  While I really didn't want more snow I still do get excited at the idea of snow.  The predicted foot of snow never materialized.  If this was January I'd be pissed!  The temp appears to be creeping up the next few days so what snow we did get should be gone soon.  Actually next week is showing some 60 degree days!  I am ready.  Let's ride.

If inclined several of us are meeting at the shop this Sunday around 10 for a 3-4 hour road ride.  We will be checking out the Marty course as well.

While I don't want to complain about business I fear next week will bring the onslaught of bike repairs.  We've just caught up from last weekend so I guess we are ready.

Happy Weekend.