Friday, April 17, 2015

Spring Chaos Calmed by Riding.

I wasn't too sure I'd get out for a ride yesterday or not.  It was my short day at work, my day off for the week, but work has been busy and I always feel guilty about leaving.  But things calmed and I was able to leave just before 1:00.  Once home I wolfed down some food and was out the door by 1:30.  Despite the overcast skies it was warm and, most important, the wind was low!
I planned on just doing my county road 8 loop, about 30 miles, but it was too nice and I had some time so I extended it through Annanondale and back through the Narrows.  Ended with 3 hours and 55 miles.  After dinner the family and I just hung out in the back yard.  Amazing how nice it is without a 15 mph+ wind!  Awesome evening.

Up early today to sneak a ride in before 7:30, hope to get out shortly after 5.  Then it's off to work to catch up on repairs.

Happy Weekend.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Wow!  The weather for TNR couldn't have been much more perfect.  Well the wind could have been down a notch or two but then again the wicked tail wind on the way home was pretty rewarding as well.  One of my favorite routes is riding south around Lake Sylvia and back.  With the limited sunlight this would be a stretch but we opted to give it a whirl.  Once on county road 7 we formed a pace line to battle the wind and maintain speed.  Alternating between a headwind and crosswind the group got shattered some.  By the end of 7 we were a group of 8...down from 12.
The road around Lake Sylvia is riddled with punchy climbs and yep, full gas fun!  Making the turn for home some quick math was done and we would really have to buckle down to beat the sunset.  Similar to Lake Sylvia are the Clearwater Narrows.  We hammered that section pretty good as well.  To avoid 7 on the way back we opted a tad longer route.  Not being one to turn down hills the group pushed up and over Hurle as well...this put us getting back in the dark.  County Road 136 was pretty much a TT.

Just under 3 hours, 63 miles with a 21.3 mph average.  A solid (and fun) TNR!

I work at noon and the weather is great!  Time to nab a recovery ride.


Monday, April 13, 2015

Let the Sun Shine.

Between work, family schedule, and the weather the majority of last week was a bust for riding.  I did snag a couple roller rides in the basement and a few days at the gym.  Having the weekend off allowed for me to get some saddle time.
Saturday Matt and I set off into the wind to tackle all the hills in our area: Hurle, The Alp, Farming, Old Shep, Tower, Columbia, 7 Wonders, and 4 Whores.  Came in around 94 miles and (depending on which Garmin we used) 4000' of climbing.  Pretty flat around here.  We more than made up for the flatness with the wind.  The wind was blowing 25 mph with gust up to 35!  It was great to get some sun and some solid riding.
In order to have a full day with the family I was up at 4:30 in order to be on my bike to Mike's house a bit after 5.  Once again the wind was solid, already 15 mph.  We (Mike, Noah, and I) put in a solid ride before 9!  Almost 4 hours and 64 miles.
Rest of the day was spent hanging with the family and such.  A great weekend!

Today is a bit up in the air.  I'm meeting up this morning to do a short video shoot for a promotional video.  Unrelated to biking but the Fat Bike makes an appearance.  Then work, kid pick up, dinner, gymnastics...

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Spring Time Yo-Yo

Oh the joys of Minnesota Springs.  One day it's jersey and shorts weather and the next it's jacket, tights, hat, winter shoes, etc.  This entire week thus far has been a bit gnarly.  Nothing crazy but enough to have me say screw it and head into the basement...twice!
The rest of the week is a bit of a challenge too with Jen's schedule.  The next few nights I don't think she will get home before the kids and I are in bed.  I have a short day at work tomorrow but rain is foretasted, which we really need.  May be another roller day, or stay at work and do repair day!

On to next week.

Monday, April 06, 2015

Pre Candy Binge Ride.

Getting out of bed at 4 is never easy but once out the door and on the bike I am usually glad I did.  Friday was no different.  Ended up having an awesome ride with almost 3 hours in before 8.  This however set up for a tired Sunday.
Saturday the whole family was up normal school day times to start cooking pulled pork, cherry pie, and deviled eggs.  Each year Jen's side of the family does a Sweet Sixteen event.  We prepare a dish that represents our team.  Saturday was the day we all got together to watch some college BB and eat our food...always a good time.  This year it was in Maple Grove.  I opted to bike there.

I had a rough idea of my route before I set off but mostly planned to just wing it.  St. Cloud, Clearwater, Maple Lake, Howard Lake, Winsted, Lester Prairie, New Germany.  Shortly after New Germany I ran into the Dakota Line Trail.  I jumped on this for a good haul.  It was a pretty fun and scenic trail.  However once it got closer to the Cities the trail got more congested reminding me why I don't like trails.  I knew the Luce Line Trail (not paved) was just North of this trail so at 146 I pulled off and headed North.  I found the trail and made for Plymouth.  Once at Plymouth I headed North on Vicksburg Lane (not a fun biking road).  This essentially brought me to my destination.  102 miles, 5 hours 24 minutes.

Sunday we did Easter at Jen's folks and later that evening a dinner at my folks.  Once home around 7:45 we were shot.  I think everyone was in bed by 8:45.

The kids are off from school but Jen has teacher workshops.  I'm letting the kids sleep till I bring them to my folks.  Hoping to hit the rollers some tonight.  A fun Minnesota Spring is on tap this week!


Friday, April 03, 2015

Rides are Happening.

It's been sometime that I've been up this early to ride.  With school off today I don't have kid duty so my time is a bit more open.  I should be able to get a solid 2+ hours in this morning.  I think I would be more motivated if it wasn't below freezing and still a tad windy.  But that's Spring in MN.
Saturday we have some family stuff down in Maple Grove later in the afternoon.  I plan on biking there in attempts to sneak a ride in.  Thus far it appears I'll have a favorable wind!  Plus it (the ride) will help to offset the calorie consumption I'm sure that will happen over the Easter weekend.  It's a rough job playing Easter Bunny!

Happy Weekend.

Wednesday, April 01, 2015


Last night was the first (for me) TNR, Tuesday Night Ride.  Not having put in any real "hard" efforts over the past several months I wasn't too sure how I would handle the hot pace that TNR is known for.  But because it still is early in the season the pace was a bit more subdued and the daylight dictated the amount of time we had to ride.  I never got a full count but guessing there was about 8-9 of us.  It was one of those groups that everything just clicked.

We headed out to SJU via 7 Wonders to Fruit Farm Road, to Tower Hill and back.  About 46 miles just shy of 20 mph average.  I was happy with my legs and lungs.  We have some strong dudes around here!  Fun stuff.

Working at noon today so snagging a 2-3 hour ride this morning.  Thursday is still up in the air.  Work and family stuff.  Really digging this nicer weather!

Ride On.