Thursday, July 31, 2014

Great Ride.

Two days off and I was itching to get back out on the bike.  Yesterday I did my favorite route of the summer...up to Little Falls and back.  Great roads, scenic, good weather, and the right wind all made for a great ride.  It ends just shy of 80 miles.  I left early enough to get back home at 10, leaving me plenty of time to get ready for the day, etc.

Today we have the Jamis Demo Truck coming to the shop from 4:30-8.  Demo's can be taken on the Thursday Night Group Ride too!  Currently my plan is to do the group ride.  However, summer is nearing it's end and school will start up soon.  The pressure of getting "everything" in is starting to mount and I feel I maybe should be home.  Damn I hate anxiety...maybe that's why I ride so much?!

Nonetheless (shop talk) if you are in the area and curious about 650B mountain bikes are want to try a road bike with Sram Red, etc stop by and take a Jamis out for a spin.


Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Another Day Off.

I wasn't sure, when I left for work yesterday, if I was going to do the TNR or go mountain biking or what.  Later plans were made to mountain bike.  As plans do those fell apart and I was solo.  I always struggle to know if my lack of motivation to ride is because it's the afternoon (I prefer the morning), I'm lazy, or I need a rest.  I took Monday off and decided to take Tuesday off too.  Being the headcase I am I questioned for a bit if this was the right choice.  Good God man it's just riding!

So instead of riding I stayed home with the family.  Nothing extraordinary happened but it was all good.  Grilled up some Salmon, potatoes, green beans, and summer squash.  I love grilling season!  Then it was off to Target for Back to School shopping.  The kids were stoked.  Topped the night off with a trip to Frozen Yogurt Creations.  I'm glad I didn't ride.

It's Wednesday so I work at noon.  Heading up to Little Falls and back this morning.  A great way to start the day.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Trail Work.

Ah Trail Work.  I love it and I hate it.  I love building new trail and clearing old trail but hate that I'm not riding or hanging with my family.  But it was time.  I had conflicts with all the other scheduled Trail Work days so this was my first of the season.  I had thought lots would show up as it was published well and it was at the North Loop, our most ridden trail.  But nope, just four of us which later ballooned to 5!  Nonetheless we got a lot done and achieved our goal of clearing and creating a new trail for our race this September.  With the addition of the Marathon Class we wanted to add a bit of trail and help make it logistically possible.  Thanks Mr. Anderson.  Basically it's a rerouted, much faster with more flow, Twisted Sister.  Check it out and ride it in.  Signs will be up later this week to help with direction and such.

TNR tonight.  Currently I'm not sure on my plans.  I want to do it.  But our house is in a bit of a chaotic state.  Add to the fact Jen has to bring the car into Little Falls by 8 this morning to get fixed just adds to the craziness of our lives.  So who knows.  May be a last minute decision on my part.  Road and home by 9 or MTB and home by 7?


Monday, July 28, 2014

Loving My Fargo.

The ride to my in-laws cabin on Friday was awesome.  I left in the rain but that soon stopped and was treated to a nice tailwind.  I took a less than direct route that popped me out in Milaca.  From here I found some awesome gravel roads.  They were narrow, treed, and filled with water in spots.  Super glad I brought the Fargo with wider tires.  The gravel was pretty soft.
I made it to the cabin with 93 miles on.  About a half hour later the skies cleared and a great day was ahead.

Saturday was spent in and around the water doing water stuff.  Pretty lazy day.  A small stormed rolled through mid afternoon but was gone very fast and blue skies once again.

Sunday I worked so I got up early to ride home.  Inside our tent I could hear how crazy windy it was.  I was hesitant at even going but know I would have regretted it later.  I was on the bike by 6:30.  While it was windy it helped me most of the time.  Some cross winds and head winds but nothing serious.  I took the ATV Soo Line trail for about 5 miles into the wind.  There I was sheltered pretty well.  I made it home in 3 hours for 55 miles.  I thought it was 64 miles and planned on more time so I had time to spare.  Stupid anxiety for nothing!

Thought about getting up early this morning to ride or run but wanted sleep.  Plus we have Trail Work tonight at the North Loop.  That's always a good workout!  Join us at 6.  We're starting the process of getting the trail ready for the race this fall.


Friday, July 25, 2014

Mini Tour.

The Fargo got a rear rack last night and is all set and ready to roll North.  Just waiting on a bit more sunlight and hopefully the rain to stop.  We actually really need the rain, but why couldn't it wait till I was an hour North or so?!  I had planned a mixture of gravel and paved roads but not sure I'm feeling it right now.  Because it has been pretty dry the past few weeks I guessing both road surfaces will be fine an hour after the rain stops.

I'm really not a big cabin or lake person anymore but I really miss my family so super excited to get up there (in-laws cabin) and hang out with them.  The past couple weeks they haven't been home much.  We are pretty damn lucky that both parent's have cabins not too far away.  Now only if I could stomach other people's kids and was a teacher too!

The Thursday Night Ride (TNR II) from the shop had a good sized crew last night.  Really wish I would have gone but I was packing and getting the bike ready.  I haven't been on one of these rides yet.  It's hard to be gone from home 3 nights in a row (TNR, work till 8 on Wed., and the TNR II), but last night would have been perfect.  Oh well...only so much time.

Happy Weekend.


Thursday, July 24, 2014

Wrapping Up My Week.

I got a pretty sweet road ride in yesterday morning.  Not a fancy route, just north and back, but blue skies, crisp air, and little wind made it a great ride.  Plus the legs felt fine after the TNR.  I was able to put in 4 hours and still get to work early!  A great start to the day.

Four of us from work had a night mtb ride planned at the North Loop as well last night.  Waiting for everyone to show up I could tell I was more ready for bed than a night ride.  Once we got going (a half hour late..ahem...Chris) I woke up and felt pretty good.  I only did one lap however.  Another lap, shower, and unwind time would have put me into bed around 11:30-midnight.  While that's not terrible I hope to be at work by 7:30 today to pound out some work.  As they say: Early To Bed...Early To Shred, or work I guess.

Not sure on today's plans if any.  Going with the flow.  I have to get my Fargo ready for my trip North tomorrow to rendezvous with Jen and the girls at Jen's parent's cabin.  This time I have to carry my stuff so rack and panniers it is.  I'll be there a couple days and return home Sunday morning to work at noon.

Crazy it's almost August.  Go, go, go.


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Old, Fun Road Revisited.

I survived the TNR!  As noted it was a more casual pace.  However, we still averaged 20 mph for 3 hours.  This ride was fun, a lot of fun.  First it was my magic group size...8 riders!  Not too many for chaos but enough for recovery.  Second the pace was not nose bleed type stuff but still put the sting to the legs and lungs at points.  And lastly, we took roads we always used to ride but haven't for a very long time.  It was nice to ride some of the roads that I started riding on: 7 Wonders, Fruit Farm, Tower, Schuman Lake, etc.

Wednesday is my noon-8 day and the family is gone, again, at cabins.  Thus I'm about to set off for a 3-4 hour ride.  Rumblings of a night ride started last night on my phone but that conversation died so not sure if that's a go.  My lights are plugged in nonetheless.