Thursday, February 04, 2016

Moving Forward.

When I take cycling out of my life it's amazing how much time I have!  Yep, still on a break from the bike and regular exercise in general.  Usually I start to feel depressed and out of shape around this time.  However this past Monday I started up a plant based eating regimen.  Actually we (my family and I) are pretty good about this already I am just putting more of an emphasis on it, eliminating meat and excess sugar.  I did this a couple years ago for 6 weeks but was essentially vegan and gluten free.  That was too much!  But I will say I felt great and my riding didn't suffer.  I'm still surprised how many people will still ask how I get protein or just "full"!  So this has my sanity in check!

Saturday I will start riding some...a fat bike ride on the 'ol Mississippi and the gym next week.

My Arrowhead race recap has been turned into Salsa.  I'll post it here when it's up.


Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Not Yet.

I'm still here!  I've just been lazy and/or busy...and honestly I'm not biking so with taking a break from the bike the blog is too, by default.  I've been very tempted to bike but promised myself to stick to some time off.  Stoked we may get a bit of snow from this latest storm.  It might finally be time to wax up the Nordic skis!  I do hope to get a ride or two in this weekend.  Nothing crazy...just biking.

The plan, honestly, was to get up this morning and work on a race report.  I was contacted by Salsa yesterday and was asked to do one for their site.  So hopefully it will be up later this week.  I will post here when it's up.

Sunday I started putting races on the calendar.  A combination of doing that and the temperature being in the mid 40's I got pretty pumped for some gravel and dirt racing.  But I'm not done with winter yet.  One more month, then the snow can go!


Thursday, January 28, 2016

Time Off.

What a race!  I hope to get a full report up tomorrow.  Now I'm in my off season, while many are talking of starting up their season.  I'm ready for some time off the bike.  I'll still ride but just because it's there and it's fun.  If we don't lose all of our snow this weekend I'd like to ski some too.  I plan on heading back to the gym for some core stuff and knee strengthening (missing both ACL's).
Wow...I just stared at the computer screen for a minute...still a zombie after that race!  So short and sweet today.  Hopefully tomorrow is the full deal.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Arrowhead Tracking.

Today will be spent organizing and packing my gear for the Arrowhead, which starts Monday morning at 7.  I head up early Sunday morning to International Falls.  I'm more than ready to get this race started.  This whole recovery, rest, and maintenance has me feeling sloth like!  Also has our family routine a bit out of whack and the state of the house shows that!

I am bummed and a bit disappointed there isn't a required tracking system in place.  I don't see it so much as a safety tool but more as a way to grow the sport and offer a way for those not racing to follow along.  I can only imagine it would help the volunteers at the check points to know when a large group of racers would be showing up too.  But the meager cost (about $50) has tracking eliminated from this years race.  However, several of us have our own Spot tracking unit and have convinced Track Leaders to post the Arrowhead race on their page.  There actually is another company, Fastertracks, that is offering the same option.  So I am signed up on both to see how it goes.  I'm more familiar with Track Leaders.  There is only a handful of us being tracked so don't take this as the true race progress.  It will be handy for Jen, who is following me as I move up the course.  She can log on and see if I made it to a road crossing or not, etc.

The Arrowhead also updated our progress on their website but this is usually lagging a bit.
So to follow along:
1.) Arrowhead Site
2.) Track Leaders  This will show the progress of everyone with a Tracker on Track Leaders
3.) Faster Tracks  I think this may just show my progress and location

Off to clean, pack, ride the rollers, get a girl down for a nap, laundry, grocery shop, gas the van...

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Tick Tock.

Turns out we had a sick kid stay home from school yesterday.  So after stopping at work for a bit I headed home to check on her.  Originally I thought of riding the Wobegon or Soo Line Trails but decided to stay close to home instead.  I ended up at Sand Prairie.  I still got 2.5 hours in.  Once again I had to get creative with the loops.
I'm getting pretty excited (nervous too) for the Arrowhead next Monday.  I'm feeling pretty good but also pretty blah as I've been recovering and maintaining since big rides.  Time will tell how I really feel.  Thus far the weather is looking to be alright for the race.  Low in the single digits with 20's for a high.  Ideally it wouldn't reach the 20's.  It's International Falls...I've been there with similar weather predicted but the morning of the race was below 0 and it struggled to reach the teens.  Prepare for anything.


Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Well four days of hotel living is enough for me...stoked to be back home!  Friday we headed to Eagan for a Doom Family reunion.  My dad is the oldest of 12 so there was a crew.  Sunday we left MN for Madison, WI.  I usually make this trip alone, so having the family along was a nice change.  I had a trade show to attend for the next season ski stuff.  We got home last night a bit past 10.

With the Tuscobia just a bit ago and the Arrowhead next Monday I've been pretty casual with riding.  I did get out some however.  Friday morning I was up early and out riding by 5 for a tad over an hour.  Saturday Chad and I squeezed an hour in at Lebanon Hills.  I think we both wanted more but knew it was better to get back to the hotel!  Monday in Madison I road about 1.5 hours on frontage roads.  Not the most fun but was great to spin the legs.  I don't go back to work till tomorrow but I have a whirlwind of stuff to do today.  Hoping a 3 hour ride is one of them.  Stoked to see we got a bit over an inch of new snow last night too!

AH135: T-minus 5 days!

Friday, January 15, 2016

Riding...A Bit.

It's been a pretty casual week of riding, but I have been getting some in.  Tuesday Kyia and I hit up Sand Prairie for about 1.5 hours.  We both were testing out the new Podiumwear Arrowhead Jacket.  It was a good night for it as my Garmin said it was -12.5 at the finish.  Thus far I'm highly impressed with the jacket.  More testing to come!
Wednesday I got 2 hours in on the trails of Plum Creek and the River Bluffs.  Yesterday I was back at Sand Prairie for another 2 hours.  It's not a big plot of land so getting 2 hours I did a lot of creative riding!  The benefit of not having tons of snow I guess.  I actually had a lot of fun so I may be back this morning.  I planned on the rollers in the basement but an hour at Sand Prairie will go by so much faster!

This weekend is a Doom gathering down in Eagan.  The plan is to hit up Lebanon Hills on Saturday...nice cold day with a high maybe of zero!  Sunday the family and I are headed to Madison, WI.  I have a trade show for winter product to attend and Jen's brother lives there as well.  I hope to sneak a ride in on Monday but not fully sure.  May need to do some internet work to see if there is any place to ride fat bikes there.
We get home late Tuesday night.  Then the real countdown to the Arrowhead is on!

Happy Weekend.