Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Wow...what a great TNR, Tuesday Night Ride.  The weather was almost perfect.  Sunny, not too hot, nor too cold, and a light wind.  Others must of thought so too as 13 riders started.  Since it was a northerly wind we headed north.  From our location it is a bit tricky to get out of town, but we managed with no crashes or horn honks!
Once through Sauk Rapids the hammer dropped and a paceline formed.  Pretty much all the way to Rice we were drilling it.  It takes me awhile to warm up so I was suffering anytime I was up front.  About 1.5 hours in I started to feel pretty good.  The legs were much more responsive than Saturday.  We had an awesome chase into Holdingford.  I almost caught them, but was left dangling.  So fun!

It was decided we would make our way back via Fruit Farm Road.  This is one of my favorite roads.  We took this on Saturday too but I was so shot to enjoy it.  Through Avon I got a gap, unintentionally, but decided to just keep my pace high enough to eventually make them work to chase me down.  Plus my nemesis, Columbia Hill, was coming up.
I managed to hold off the riders to Fruit Farm Road, where I was joined by Jimmy, Charlie, and Matt.  Fruit Farm was designed to go fast so we fell into an echelon and busted Fruit Farm out in no time.  I was smiling the whole time.  Man it feels good to have my legs back!

At SJU the group split, again unintentionally.  My group rolled into the shop a bit past 8:30, so yeah, a bit dark.  3 hours and 63 miles.  A great ride.  Thanks fellas.

Hoping to sneak a ride in this morning before the rain.  Recovery on County Road!


Monday, April 21, 2014

Not a Man of the Hills.

I got rocked!  The hill ride on Saturday destroyed my legs.  The lungs felt good but the legs never came around.  I got spit out the back on many of the climbs.  While this hurts it's good for me so I continued on pounding my legs as much as I could.  I felt like I was recovering ok but never had the snap on the hills.  Speaking of hills we hit most of the local hills.  You know an area is flat when all the hills have names!  Four Whores, The Alp, Farming Hill, Old Shep, Tower, Columbia, Fruit Farm, and 7 Wonders.  These combined with the wind took it out of me.  It was a great day.  Thanks guys.

Sunday I ended up staying home from the Easter gathering in Little Falls with Harper.  She's been running a temp lately and didn't wan't to spread it.  She was on the tail end but still.  She and I ended up getting an easy ride in for a bit over an hour.  She wanted "more"!  The rest of the day was spent with side walk chalk, resting, and legos.

I'm having the Monday blahs.  I need to get the day going.  Hitting the gym before work.  Wanted to spin the legs again tonight but gusts up to 30 mph may be more than I want.  TNR will sure to push me to my limits agian!


Saturday, April 19, 2014


Riding...finally!  A week after my last ride I got out again for another.  I had a few inquiries if I wanted to ride with others but sometimes (ok a lot for me) I like to ride alone.  The route itself was nothing special, maybe even boring but I had a blast.  It felt so good to get out.
STC, Cty road 8, Sherburne Wildlife Refuge, Sand Dunes State Park, Zimmerman, Santiago, Airport, and home.  A tad over 4 hours...and the legs feel good today too!  Well that will be determined on today's Hill Route Ride (HR).  This one will hurt but today I'll have the pleasure of other riders.  It's good for me.

Not to be a broken record but damn titanium bikes rock.  Oh so comfortable, solid, and fast.  Go get on one today!  They aren't any more expensive than the carbon counterpart.  Yes they are a bit heavier but the comfort trumps that any day.

Time to battle the wind and hills.


Friday, April 18, 2014

Ready, Set, Go!

Hopefully today starts the 3 day binge of riding.  Soon I plan on heading out on a LSD ride...that's long slow distance.  It's a SE wind and I haven't ridden that way for sometime.  Pretty excited.  Excited to get my butt on the Salsa Colossal too!  Love that bike...can't believe I entertained ideas at selling that!

Tomorrow several of us are meeting up at the shop to head out on the hill route ride at 10.  This always leaves my legs and lungs begging for mercy.  Good for me I guess.
Sunday is Easter.  A family gathering is going down in Little Falls.  Hope to ride up there, maybe a bit of detour on the way too.
Next week shows much nicer weather.  Monday may be a spin to ready myself the TNR beat down.  Of course all this can change will chaos at the shop and home life.  Currently, I'm ok with that...currently!

I do feel I need to thin the herd some but really struggle with which, if any bikes I could part with.  I truly ride them all.  I keep coming back to on of my Salsa Ti Mukluks.  Yes I have two.  One I baby and the other I ride in whatever.  I really like the naked look but like some of the features on the painted one.  Hmmm, big problems I know.
Thinking I may put the naked Mukluk up for sale.  Loaded with XTR and such.  Let me know if interested.

Let's get our ride on.


Thursday, April 17, 2014


9" of the white stuff unfortunate record for April 16th.  School currently is two hours late and I'm seriously trying to decide if shoveling is worth it or not!
The silver lining to all this is I got a ton of repairs done at work yesterday.  My age (only 38 but damn) and injuries are letting me know this morning that standing and wrenching for 12 hours is not appreciated.  My knee is swollen and my left hand (the one I broke last fall) is weak.  Oh well, more of the same today!

I most likely will shovel, if nothing else it will be my workout for the day!  May hit the gym this afternoon...doubt it...but they do have a sauna!!

The Marty Road Race has been postponed to a later date, TBD.  This frees up my day.  The Mammoth Gravel Ride is going on.  Currently it's on my radar but I'm fickle and will most likely ride around here.  Was hoping to get a long ride in tomorrow, but will assess the conditions in the morning.  Guessing a lot of melting will happen today.

and the day begins...

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

It's All Good.

Still no riding since Friday...all gym time.  I've made the decision to roll with work, family, life, and the weather.  Come May so much more time will be available.  Why stress for a month about sneaking in rides when an entire summer awaits.  By now you know I'm a nut job so making this choice frees my mind from the endless guilt, etc!  So bring on the snow...up to 8" predicted today.

Work continues to be an onslaught of repairs.  Long day yesterday gets repeated with a 12 hour day today.  With the predicted snow I'm hoping we can get caught back up!

I do have Friday through Sunday off with no major obligations.  If it works out I hope to stack on some good rides.  The Marty Road Race goes down on Saturday.  Thought of racing it but most likely will bike out there, help Marshall a corner or two, and bike home.  I'm actually pretty excited for it.  Go Revo Cylcle!


Monday, April 14, 2014

Back to Winter.

There was no riding for me this weekend.  Time was a factor but motivation I guess was lacking too.  Saturday I had off but had a Fitness Expo to work from 11-4.  Picking the stuff up I needed at the shop I saw the chaos that was going on.  I've never seen it this busy before!  This led me to skip a morning ride on Sunday before work.  Instead I was there pounding out repairs a few hours before we opened.  It's amazing how much I was able to get done without interruptions.

I could have ridden Saturday afternoon/evening but I felt like hanging out with the girls.  I got all done up in makeup!  Fun times.  I like not having any races looming over my head.  I don't feel like I "have" to ride at all.  I definitely want to ride but know that will come soon enough.  So I'll be happy with what I get and the gym.  Thought of a full moon night ride either tonight or tomorrow night but high wind and low temps have me second guessing that.  One 70 degree day and I'm soft!

Let's Go Monday.