Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Slowly Getting Back.

Well that was a little break from blogging!  As previously (over mentioned) I haven't been getting too much riding in, therefore, not much to talk about.
I have started to get "some" more riding in.  Saturday, before a weekend of rain, I hit up the North Loop on the single speed.  It was my first time on the mountain bike this year.  Dang, that was fun.  Too bad the trails are now closed due to standing water!

I've missed the past 3 TNR.  I almost skipped yesterday too.  I actually left work and picked up the kids.  But once at home I realized, even though it was overcast, it was actually a really nice day.  With some encouragement from Jen I got my gear together and headed back to work.  So, so glad I did.  It was the best TNR yet.  Great route, great people (11 of us), and great weather.  I was stoked on how I felt.  I assumed I would struggle to keep up having only ridden a handful of times but manged to stay with the group and even put in some solid efforts.  Maybe I don't need to ride as much as I think (or want) to ride!


Thursday, May 14, 2015

More of the Same.

So far this week seems to mimic last week: more gym days than days on the bike.  Once again it comes down to weather and work, but just telling myself it doesn't matter makes all the difference!  I did get out for the maiden voyage on the Seven Axiom SL yesterday!  Man what a great ride.  Can't wait to put some serious miles on it.
Last night at work we had an after hours "build party".  We managed to get almost 30 bikes built!  But now I'm dragging.  Today is one of my "off" days...a 9-12 shift.  Rain is in the forecast again so not sure what will happen.
Gym Day!


Tuesday, May 12, 2015


All last week it was really tough to sneak in any kind of ride.  I was successful at only getting out once!  Sure there were some gym days but it's just not the same.  I get crabby and in a funk...a downward spiral.  I hate how this makes me feel and act.  So I'm taking a step back.  I need to chill out.  Ride when I can and be happy with that.  As summer approaches riding will only get easier.  Relax!!!

So TNR?  Still not sure, but I don't think so.  Not in the mood for a ball busting riding nor the chilly temps.


Thursday, May 07, 2015

Boom, Clap, Thud.

Saturday...Saturday was the last time I was on the bike, ugh.  Work, weather, and family have all played a roll.  I've been to the gym but it's just not the same.  Today I had hoped would be a 100+ mile day.  But thunderstorms tossed me a monkey wrench.  Thus I'll have Harper with me at home today.  That I am excited for as well.
Tomorrow I will ride!

Reminder: Tonight at City Hall (7:00 pm) will be the information meeting regarding Friedrich Park.  The proximity of this park to the North Loop offers the possibility of a connecting trail!  To have close to a 10 mile loop would be awesome.  But this is St. Cloud and we face an uphill battle.  Come show your support.


Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Not This Week.

Well last week I was able to string together a nice set of days for riding.  This week...not so much.  I ususally don't ride Mondays so when Brinna's track meet was moved from Tuesday (TNR) to Monday I was stoked.  I forgot, however, that since Brinna had a meet on Tuesday (originally) we planned other stuff for Tuesday as well.  Ugh.  Then the rest of the week looks like rain, which is needed.
OK when's next week?!

This Thursday the City of St. Cloud is hosting an informational meeting about Friedrich Park...7 pm at City Hall.  This is located near the North Loop.  Getting mountain bike trails in this park would be great for St. Cloud mountain biking!  Come show your support.


Monday, May 04, 2015

...and on to Monday.

With busy weekends Mondays always come too soon.  I did have this weekend off from work to celebrate Avery (9) and Harper's (3) Birthdays.  Saturday was Avery's first friend Birthday.  9 kids, ages 3-12, make for a busy (and tiring) 5 hours!  But it was fun and all had a great time.  Sunday was the family (Grandmas, Grandpas, Aunts, etc) celebration.  So up early to clean from the previous days party and start the process all over again.  Once again it was fun and the kids loved it.

I did have an awesome week of riding.  I was able to get 5 days in a row!  Tuesday through Saturday.  I toyed with Sunday but getting up early to be done by 8 or 9 just wasn't in the are tiring!

I thought about getting  up early this morning and out the door before 5 but Jen isn't feeling well.  Not sure on her status I opted to stick around this morning.  This afternoon Brinna has a track meet so I'll be there.  Should be a great day for it.

Happy Week.

Friday, May 01, 2015


This week is turning out to be a solid week of riding.
Tuesday was TNR, Wednesday I got in a bit over 3 hours before work, and yesterday I hit up parts of the Dirt Bag for another 3 hours.  Up at 4:15 this morning to be out by or before 5 for another couple hours.
We are having birthday celebrations (Avery and Harper) this weekend so not too sure on riding after today but I'll try!
I really hope to get into work this morning and get some needed work done on my mountain bike so I can take that out.  Every time I go in with that purpose I find other things to do, like repairs.  When I left yesterday we were super caught up...but it only takes a day to jump right back into the weeds.

Gotta go.
Happy Weekend!