Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fall Mountain Biking.

I had planned on a 3 hour road ride before work at noon yesterday but the winds were already whipping and my lower back, for whatever reason, was pretty tight from the previous nights ride doing just that...a 3 hour road ride into the wind.  Mountain biking it was!

It's about this time of year I wish we had more or longer trails.  Getting a bit burnt on the North Loop but still fun.  I've been hitting up the forgotten Twisted Sister section more frequently lately.  It has slowly become my favorite section.  It may be sad but I get pretty stoked when I can ride that entire sections without a dab or tree grab.  That's becoming more and more common!

I only biked for an hour and a half.  Harper was home, with what we assume is a broken big toe.  She was bumming as a 2 year old does.  I wanted to hang with her some before I had to go into work.
Daycare is closed the next two days so these have become my off days, work the weekend.  Harper and I.  Dr. appointment today for her toe and a flu shot.  Lucky her.
My dad has offered to watch Harper Friday some so I can get a ride in.  Fat Bike on gravel time!


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

One Last TNR.

Because of a Nordic Ski clinic after hours at work, I was unable to jump in the woods for some TNL (Tuesday Night Lights...back next week).  Instead, Noah and I, left work around 4:15 on road bikes.  We went out to Marty and around Powder Ridge.  About that time the sun started to drop more rapidly, as did the temperature.  By 6:15 we had to turn on our rear flashers.  Dwindling daylight for sure.  No speed records were set just a couple dudes putting in the time.  A good ride.

Back at the shop I had time to go get some food.  Just as I was about to leave the rep doing the clinic showed.  So a Dilly Bar from the freezer and a venison stick from Bill were my recovery food.  Once home I was slammin hungry.  Ate too much but I guess that's why I ride.

Not sure what happened but during the clinic my lower back really started to bug me.  It's still pretty tweaked.  Not sure about a ride this morning.  I'm sure I'll give it a try and go from there.


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Green Acres is the Place To Be.

This past weekend was GreenAcres CX.  I've heard a lot of good things about this race and was excited to finally take part.  Saturday I headed down shortly before 9.  Once base camp was setup I got ready to get my warm up on.  Sitting on the start line it was obvious this was a much bigger field than other races I've done!  Once the women, then the 45/55+ men were off it was our, SSers, time to go.

I was able to clip in and go right away but I was missing that extra push and fell back.  All through out the first lap I struggled to maintain my position but was still passed by some, guessing I was 10th.  During the 2nd and 3rd laps I finally started to warm up and find my groove.  I slowly started to work my way up the single speed field as well as the other fields.  There was a pretty steep climb that I was able to make up some ground on but man did that jack the heart rate!  I was starting to catch glimpses of Monte and the guy right behind him.  I never caught them and ended up 4th on the day...again.  Of course there are the would've, should've, and could've but I was gassed and did what I could.  I do learn every race so when I'm 50 I may know what I'm doing!

I stuck around the rest of the day and cheered on the other racers and just hung out in the cross atmosphere.  Somewhat last minute we tossed together a relay team that was starting at 4:15.  We had a solid team, as such other teams had as much as a two minute lead on us.  This was my first cx relay and was an absolute blast.  One lap as hard as you can go!  My team ended up taking the win so a medal was procured anyway!

I finally made it back to cloud sometime after 6:30.  Long, fun day.  That night and early the next morning I struggled with what to do.  In the end I decided to skip racing and stay home.  We got a lot of yard work type stuff done.  Yeah racing is way more fun but all my free time, on weekends, has been spent racing.  It was time to play catch up before winter.

GreenAcres rocked.

FYI: I'm out for TNL,  we have a work meeting tonight.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Into the Woods.

With the wind picking up as the day went on yesterday I decided to jump back into the woods for some mountain biking.  I've put a lot a time in at the North Loop but still not sick of it...yet.  Currently the trail is covered with leaves and/or pine needles.  It takes a lap to figure out how well they will hold up in corners, etc.  I managed to fair pretty well, meaning no crashes!

Instead of doing continuous loops I did sections a couple times in a row, Sport Loop, Maxx's Option, Lay It Down, .3, etc.  I also did Twisted Sister.  I've become to like that section.  If I go into it with the right attitude It's a blast.  I made it through without dabbing!  For me that's a big deal.  Not Charlie Schad big deal but a big deal nonetheless.

Ended with 2 hrs 15 minutes.  I'm really, really, longing for some longer rides but holding off till cx is closer to done.  I have this weekend and then the Nov. 8-9 weekend.  Short and fast season.  Then it's go time.  I will start some next week as my schedule appears to allow for it!

Happy Weekend.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Missed sleep.

Not much happened yesterday.  Hit the gym up, warmed up on the elliptical, stretched, hit the sauna, showered, then off to work. Worked, picked up the kids, took the kids out to eat, met my folks and my sisters kids at the DQ, and that was the night.

I had somewhat planned to get up early and be out riding by 5:30 this morning.  Of course now I wish I had done that.  But with the kids on break I took the opportunity to sleep in a bit.  I was tired!  So an afternoon (and windy) ride are in my future.  Not sure what bike will get the call.

70 degrees today!  While that's super nice I'm hoping for 50's as highs.  But I'm weird like that.


Wednesday, October 15, 2014


While still fun, I was mountain biking after all, some nights I'm just off.  Last night was TNL at the North Loop.  My solo lap was fun and fast.  I hit up every section of trail, Twisted Sister included, and rode it all well.  But as the light slipped away seemingly so did my skill and energy.  The hardest I ever bonk is usually on a mountain bike, mostly because it requires more focus and more of your body.

During the second half of the first group lap I felt myself fading.  Anytime I looked to see if we were all together I rode into the woods.  I started to clipped trees with my shoulders and even crashed a couple of times.  Finally at the end of the lap I downed some energy stuff and felt myself spring back.  Always amazed how fast a gooey mess of sugar can spike the energy levels so quickly.  I was good for the lap but anything more and I would have had the sugar crash requiring more gels.

Another good group of riders: Jeff B. (Cadillac Jeff), Bill L, Fitzharris Mike, Mark H., Brian I., myself.  Double digits still allude us.

Taking an easy to off day today.  Sometime tomorrow I hope for a 2-3 hour road ride, most likely in the dark of morning.  Then it's time for Green Acres CX!  This will most likely be my last CX until Velo CX November 8-9th.  Then that's it.  Ski Swap's and our Team day at the shop start up and life just get's too busy.  Plus I'll need to start putting on the Fat Bike miles at that point too.


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Sore Legs.

My legs haven't been this sore after a cross race yet.  They aren't terrible but the hamstring and inner thigh definitely are letting me know they are there and they are tired.  Not so sure what it was about Theo Wirth that would cause this.  Maybe the hills, the mtb like sections, dehydration, or a bit of everything.  In an odd sort of way I like the pain, as long as it's not debilitating.

Nonetheless it's Tuesday Night Lights tonight.  7:30 at the North Loop.  Come and get some.