Wednesday, April 01, 2015


Last night was the first (for me) TNR, Tuesday Night Ride.  Not having put in any real "hard" efforts over the past several months I wasn't too sure how I would handle the hot pace that TNR is known for.  But because it still is early in the season the pace was a bit more subdued and the daylight dictated the amount of time we had to ride.  I never got a full count but guessing there was about 8-9 of us.  It was one of those groups that everything just clicked.

We headed out to SJU via 7 Wonders to Fruit Farm Road, to Tower Hill and back.  About 46 miles just shy of 20 mph average.  I was happy with my legs and lungs.  We have some strong dudes around here!  Fun stuff.

Working at noon today so snagging a 2-3 hour ride this morning.  Thursday is still up in the air.  Work and family stuff.  Really digging this nicer weather!

Ride On.

Monday, March 30, 2015


It wasn't necessarily the weekend I had planned (in my head) but a good weekend nonetheless.  I had wanted to get out for a 4 hour ride on Saturday and take in the long awaited sun.  But by the time I was able to head out for a ride that would have put me back home around 1:00.  Add in shower, eat, and whatever time I would be pushing 2:00.  Since it was my only day off this weekend I opted for a shorter ride and popped back home in a bit over 2 hours.  I did put in some hard efforts and such, making it a good ride.

Sunday I worked noon to 5.  I contemplated getting up early to ride but rain and wind stopped me again.  So once again it was pancakes and family.

This week, thus far, seems like a good riding week.  But plans change!
 TNR for sure!


Friday, March 27, 2015

First Skinny Tire Century.

It was a good day!  After getting the kids to school and daycare I was out the door pedaling by 8:30.  Despite being chilly (never got about 32 on my ride) and windy I was stoked to be out.  The further north I went the windier it got.  I meandered East and North later switching to West and North.  I took mostly gravel roads North of Little Falls.  Finally making the turn to head with the wind was awesome.  The reward for 3.5 hours of headwind!  I took as many gravel roads as I could but seemed to find more paved roads.  Had to get the avg back up!!  I did get my first flat of the year.  Was back on the bike within a few minutes.  Even though I always carry two tubes and a patch kit I get nervous when I'm down to only one...but it was fine.
Made it home in 6.5 hours and 105 miles.  Overall I felt pretty good.  The legs were/are a bit stiff and sore.  The previous day at the gym I worked the legs some.  Leg day at the gym followed by 100 windy miles leaves the legs a bit tired.  If I worked at noon today I'd love to get out and spin but that's not the case.  Looks like the elliptical and stretching this morning!

Happy Weekend.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

A Good Day.

I balked on riding yesterday.  Wet roads, overcast skies, winds gusting to 25+ mph, and subfreezing temps was enough for me to throw in the towel and head to the gym for a couple hours.  Not sure which is worse!  I do better in colder temps or warmer, this transition stuff gets to me.  Now if the mountain bike trails were open that would be a different story!
At the gym I stayed busy for 2 hours without going too crazy.  Recently there have been a ton of people there so the people watching was good.  I did toss in some lunges and squats...thus my ass is sore today.  I work Sunday so I have today off.  The weather is similar but the roads are dry and the wind is down some.  I'm off once the kids are dropped off at school and daycare.  Gravel and pavement till I have to pick Harper up at daycare.

A good day on tap...just me, my bike, the roads, and my crap music!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


It sounds like TNR (Tuesday Night Ride) is off this week.  Namely due to the weather.  Although the predicted snow and rain have seemed to move further into the night.  I contemplated getting up early to be on the bike riding by 4:30 but that still only leaves me a bit more than an hour before I need to be back home to start getting the kids up and ready for the day.  At this point, for me, it's just not worth it.  Mid summer when Jen and the girls are off from school and it's above bet.  A solid 3 hours before work at 9 is an awesome start to any day!  Soon enough.

And it's Tuesday.

Oh yeah...I fixed my sink yesterday!  Plus the potential craziness of a busy schedule was very smooth.  A good Monday all around.

Monday, March 23, 2015

The "Ugh, It's Monday" Post.

Last week wasn't the "back in the saddle" week I had planned (in my head) but it was good nonetheless.  Thursday through Sunday I was able to get out for about 3 hours each day, with Saturday almost reaching 4.  Saturday, while cold, was great.  We found some endless gravel roads none of us had been on.  The pace was hot a couple times and I was happy I was able to hang on.  I thought about getting out real early Sunday before work but when I put the question to Haper: "should dad bike or make pancakes?", pancakes won!  It's still early and hanging with the family was great.

Today is chaos: Work, School, Dr. appointments, Jr. High Track, Gymnastics, and a clogged kitchen sink.  I worked on the sink for about an hour last night.  Plumbing is the one thing in home ownership that I've somewhat been able to figure out.  This has me stumped.  I have two more things to try this afternoon before I call for help.  Somehow the coating of snow we received over night doesn't bother me too much right now!

The TNR is somewhat up in the air.  Late last week it was at 90% chance of rain and 40 degrees.  That has dropped to 50% but now it says 1"-3" of snow...ugh.  I know, it's early but once you have a taste of shorts and jersey weather you get stuck.

Happy Week.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Back At It.

Well a bit pass 2 weeks of finishing the ITI I got my first ride in!  Tom and I headed out on CX bikes with slick tires.  The Spring wind had me longing for the woods and the protection of the trees.  Getting comfortable on any bike besides a fat bike may take a few rides but it was great nonetheless.
We hit up some of the gravel sections of the Dirt Bag course.  Most of the gravel is of "hero" status.  The getting is good right now.  We finished with a bit over 3 hours.

Noah and I plan on 3 hours this morning before work at noon.  Two days in a row!  Planning on Saturday and Sunday too...crazy!

Happy Weekend.