Friday, October 31, 2014

Filling My MTB Fix.

Riding Lebanon Hills and Murphy yesterday for the first time left me wanting more.  Both trails were great fun and different in their own way.  Leb has many more technical features, rocks, roots, etc and Murphy tends to be a bit more on the gas with very "flowy" trails.  If pushed to give a favorite I'd say Murphy, just more my style but both I'd ride again for sure!

With the spin bike delivery, distance between parks, and traffic we got about 2.5 hours riding in.  This week has been a bit blah.  With the kid's schedules, work, a broken pinkie toe, excuses, candy, weather, blah, blah, blah...I've just not gotten a lot in.  Already looking forward to next week.
I'm a bit concerned about my pinkie toe.  It still hurts pretty good.  Hoping it starts to subside soon.  VeloCX is next weekend (8-9), not sure how dismounting and running will go.


Thursday, October 30, 2014

More Candy and More Mountain Biking.

TNL didn't happen, at least by me.  My time was spent eating ice cream with the kids to celebrate a great first semester at school and finalizing Halloween costumes.
Wednesday I did get out for a mountain bike ride, but this time I took the fat bike.  Did a lap at the North Loop and then made my way across highway 10 to Sand Prairie.  Not sure why as it's pretty drab down there but I like spinning through there this time of year.  Just wish it was a bit longer.  Back up the hill for one more lap at the Loop and back home with 2 hour in.
Man I need to stop hurting myself!  My pinkie toe still really hurts and half the foot is now black and blue.  I also clipped a tree on my ride (the fat bike bars are WIDE with barends) and slammed my knee and shoulder into the ground.  The shoulder is a bit sore this morning.  Crashing when it's cold always hurts more.

So excited for today.  Mike and I are delivering a spin bike down to the cities to a customer/friend.  We then plan on hitting up some trails that we haven't ridden before!  Lebanon Hills, Murphy, and if time allows Elm Creek (I've ridden but Mike hasn't).  Can't wait and yes keep the rubber side down...I know, I know!

Happy Thursday....pass the candy...going candy free November 1st.


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Just One of Those Days.

Yesterday started out with me most likely breaking my little toe.  Black-n-blue, puffy, and tender to the touch...awesome.  Then it was off to the gym.  Was planning on a leg day but with the foot all messed up I switched it up.
Work was fine.  Then it was standing in line for 2 hours with Brinna at her conferences.  Yep, she's doing awesome.  Then it was to my folks to get the kids and make for home.  I'm pretty sure I'd really suck at being a single parent, especially with a 2 year old running around...and yes she's running with her cast on.  That slowed her for a day.
With the kids having off today and yesterday routine has been out the door.  This gets me down and frustrated...just who I am.  So no time for the gym this morning and not sure about TNL tonight...did it rain too much?  Ugh.
But then I take a step back and realize if this all I have wrong in my life I'm pretty lucky.
One day at a time...
Such a weirdo!

Monday, October 27, 2014


Last Thursday and Friday I was home with Harper as daycare was on vacation.  Thursday was spent running Harper to the Dr. to check out her big toe she smashed Tuesday night.  Turns out it was broken and they wanted us to see an Orthopedic Surgeon.  Later that day it was back to the Dr., yep still broken and she got a cast as if she broke her ankle.  Good news it may already come off this Friday.  But she's two, it really hasn't slowed her down much.  Last night, however, she complained of mosquitoes in her cast!  Must itch.
Friday my dad had offered to watch Harper.  This allowed me to get out on the Fat Bike.  I ended up doing most of Dirt Bag V.1, 85 miles.  I got my first flat on the Fat Bike that I had to fix on the road.  Only 15 minutes so not too bad.  Lots of strokes with the hand pump.
I was super happy with how I felt.  I haven't been doing a lot of longer rides due to cross and life.  So to feel as I did I was stoked and ready for more.

Saturday I worked and time and life again didn't allow for a ride.  Sunday I worked also but was able to sneak out before for almost 3 hours.  Man did I freeze my hands!  Let the leaning curve begin.

This week is messed up already.  The big kids don't have school Monday and Tuesday plus Halloween so riding is up in the air.

Tuesday Night Lights is back on this week!
7:30 pm at the North Loop.


Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fall Mountain Biking.

I had planned on a 3 hour road ride before work at noon yesterday but the winds were already whipping and my lower back, for whatever reason, was pretty tight from the previous nights ride doing just that...a 3 hour road ride into the wind.  Mountain biking it was!

It's about this time of year I wish we had more or longer trails.  Getting a bit burnt on the North Loop but still fun.  I've been hitting up the forgotten Twisted Sister section more frequently lately.  It has slowly become my favorite section.  It may be sad but I get pretty stoked when I can ride that entire sections without a dab or tree grab.  That's becoming more and more common!

I only biked for an hour and a half.  Harper was home, with what we assume is a broken big toe.  She was bumming as a 2 year old does.  I wanted to hang with her some before I had to go into work.
Daycare is closed the next two days so these have become my off days, work the weekend.  Harper and I.  Dr. appointment today for her toe and a flu shot.  Lucky her.
My dad has offered to watch Harper Friday some so I can get a ride in.  Fat Bike on gravel time!


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

One Last TNR.

Because of a Nordic Ski clinic after hours at work, I was unable to jump in the woods for some TNL (Tuesday Night Lights...back next week).  Instead, Noah and I, left work around 4:15 on road bikes.  We went out to Marty and around Powder Ridge.  About that time the sun started to drop more rapidly, as did the temperature.  By 6:15 we had to turn on our rear flashers.  Dwindling daylight for sure.  No speed records were set just a couple dudes putting in the time.  A good ride.

Back at the shop I had time to go get some food.  Just as I was about to leave the rep doing the clinic showed.  So a Dilly Bar from the freezer and a venison stick from Bill were my recovery food.  Once home I was slammin hungry.  Ate too much but I guess that's why I ride.

Not sure what happened but during the clinic my lower back really started to bug me.  It's still pretty tweaked.  Not sure about a ride this morning.  I'm sure I'll give it a try and go from there.


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Green Acres is the Place To Be.

This past weekend was GreenAcres CX.  I've heard a lot of good things about this race and was excited to finally take part.  Saturday I headed down shortly before 9.  Once base camp was setup I got ready to get my warm up on.  Sitting on the start line it was obvious this was a much bigger field than other races I've done!  Once the women, then the 45/55+ men were off it was our, SSers, time to go.

I was able to clip in and go right away but I was missing that extra push and fell back.  All through out the first lap I struggled to maintain my position but was still passed by some, guessing I was 10th.  During the 2nd and 3rd laps I finally started to warm up and find my groove.  I slowly started to work my way up the single speed field as well as the other fields.  There was a pretty steep climb that I was able to make up some ground on but man did that jack the heart rate!  I was starting to catch glimpses of Monte and the guy right behind him.  I never caught them and ended up 4th on the day...again.  Of course there are the would've, should've, and could've but I was gassed and did what I could.  I do learn every race so when I'm 50 I may know what I'm doing!

I stuck around the rest of the day and cheered on the other racers and just hung out in the cross atmosphere.  Somewhat last minute we tossed together a relay team that was starting at 4:15.  We had a solid team, as such other teams had as much as a two minute lead on us.  This was my first cx relay and was an absolute blast.  One lap as hard as you can go!  My team ended up taking the win so a medal was procured anyway!

I finally made it back to cloud sometime after 6:30.  Long, fun day.  That night and early the next morning I struggled with what to do.  In the end I decided to skip racing and stay home.  We got a lot of yard work type stuff done.  Yeah racing is way more fun but all my free time, on weekends, has been spent racing.  It was time to play catch up before winter.

GreenAcres rocked.

FYI: I'm out for TNL,  we have a work meeting tonight.